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Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) offers access to the best and most reputable attorneys in the region. Our firm provides a seamless experience for our clients due to more than 20 years of experience in foreign advisory throughout the area.
LLA was conceived by Augusto Arce, Juris Doctor (J.D.) an international attorney with a career of excellence dedicated to foreign advisory in the region. Augusto Arce, J.D. has represented clients from many different nationalities in most countries of Latin America through elite attorneys that have been tested over time to provide world class legal service.
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Besides graduating from one of the most prestigious law schools in Latin America, Augusto Arce, J.D. deeply understands North American and Global business as well as legal cultures, as he himself obtained a Global Masters in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, United States (the #1 international business school in the world) with a joint degree from Tec de Monterrey, Mexico.

After that, Augusto Arce, J.D. obtained the only High Distinction of his class in the Program of Management for Lawyers from the most prestigious business school in Latin America, Incae Business School (founded by Harvard University).

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His very distinct profile as an international business attorney with a business acumen, allows Augusto Arce, J.D. to preach a clear, simple and yet organized eclectic style of legal service that combines the clarity of the North American business with the audacity of the Latin American legal minds.
All members of the legal team have been vetted as reputable attorneys that share one thing in common: they all have transformed legal services into a craft in their respective countries. Do not experiment, LLA is your Trusted Partner in the region.
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