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Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) is the result of many years of experience in providing legal services for foreign individuals and businesses across most of the major economies of Latin America.

LLA is operated by international attorneys and business experts that fully understand the differences and similarities between North American, Western European and Latin American legal and business environments.

step 1
Step 1. All initial queries are received, analyzed and processed in our Hub in San José, Costa Rica. After we have assessed the specifics of the requested services, we will provide a quote for legal services to our potential clients.
Step 2
Step 2. Once the client accepts the quote and signs an Engagement Letter retaining the services of LLA, an invoice and payment instructions will be forwarded.
Step 3
Step 3. Upon confirmation of the payment, a Work Order is entered into our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and assigned to a legal team member in the corresponding country of interest.
From that point on our Hub remains as a Coordinator of the legal processes being tackled by the corresponding country-specific legal team.
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