type of legal entity  in latin america

Perhaps the first step towards launching offshore operations is to decide what type of legal entity should be formed to handle businesses.

It is normal for foreign investors to determine if they should use their existing corporation or if they will need to form a local entity, and the answer 100% is: yes, they will have to incorporate locally in order to facilitate trade, and in many cases, as the only way to obtain certain basic business vehicles such as bank accounts and permits to operate.

Latin america incorporation

In the majority of the countries, lawyers are the professionals that handle the formation of legal entities and they are also responsible for advising their clients about the correct type of legal entity for the specific structure needed by the shareholders.

Latin America Incorporation

Limited Liability is a must in order to safely enter a trade in the region, with our advice it is possible to create legal structures that are solid yet flexible in order to reach clients’ goals and to explore the existing regulatory advantages of a pan-regional legal strategy.

Business Lawyers Latin America

LLA currently offers incorporation services in most countries of Latin America all carried out by specialized and seasoned international attorneys with a local understanding of the country-specific legal and business environment.

We currently offer incorporation services in:

  • 🇲🇽 Mexico
  • 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic
  • 🇬🇹 Guatemala
  • 🇧🇿 Belize
  • 🇭🇳 Honduras
  • 🇸🇻 El Salvador
  • 🇳🇮 Nicaragua
  • 🇨🇷 Costa Rica
  • 🇵🇦 Panama
  • 🇨🇴 Colombia
  • 🇪🇨 Ecuador
  • 🇵🇪 Peru
  • 🇧🇴 Bolivia
  • 🇨🇱 Chile
  • 🇦🇷 Argentina
  • 🇺🇾 Uruguay
  • 🇵🇾 Paraguay
  • 🇧🇷 Brazil
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