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Our attorneys are experts in the details required to succeed in the wide range of immigration procedures available in Latin America as a result of more than 18 years of experience in processing of hundreds of Visas, Residencies and Work Permits for individuals and companies that operate in Latin America.
In order for you to relocate to Latin America perhaps the key aspect is to fully understand the available migratory categories in each jurisdiction. If you wish to conduct business, retire or work in either the Caribbean, Central or South America you will need to first assess the best option for you and your family.
Besides the language barrier and the particularities of each country, it is necessary to observe the customs and legal practices required to obtain a legal migratory status in Latin America.

Immigration in Latin America


Some of the most common types of residences available are:

residency as an investor latin america

Residency as an Investor 

This category requires that the applicant invests a specific amount in a local asset and/or business to become eligible. Normally each country has specific sectors in which the investment is preferred. Also as an investor, you are allowed to receive proceeds, but you will not be authorized to receive a salary as a normal employee. Also, certain countries will require the resident to remain in the country for a minimum period during the year to retain the residency

Residency as a Pensioner latin america

Residency as a Pensioner

Most of the Latin American countries are interested in retirees from developed nations and subsequently, they have developed different policies to attract them to their retirement communities. Normally the basic requirement is to be able to demonstrate a lifetime pension for a minimum amount that will assure the receiving country that the applicant will not become a burden for the local society and that the retiree will spend a portion of earned income in the country.

company executive residency latin america

Company Executive

For foreign professionals, technicians and managers required by foreign or local companies, each country has similar yet specific regulations that must be studied prior to initiating a relocation process. In general, applicants must demonstrate a set of skills and experience that justifies the hiring of a foreign worker versus hiring from the local labor force.

marriage family residency latin america

Residency Based on Relatives

A common category in Latin America is this one in which residency is obtained based on marriage or being the parent of a child born in Latin America. In the specific case of marriage, it is important to assess the local requirements that will be needed to obtain the residency and that are related to the need to demonstrate the real dimension of such union.

entry visas latin america

Entry Visas

Depending on your nationality, an entry visa might be necessary to visit Latin America, normally if you have a nationality included in the list of restricted visas, certain verification will be required to demonstrate your intentions and personal profile.

General Requirements

  • Birth Certificate with Apostille
  • Background Check or Police Record with Apostille
  • Marriage License with Apostille
  • Official Translations of all documents to the local language
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